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Meet TalkOne. The smart and effective solutions for everyone. You are covered around the world. Stay connected on the go with TalkOne mobile. Designed to manage your work.

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Meet TalkOne

Service of The Next Generation


Works on Any Platform

TalkOne allows you to send messages, share media, and more than any other smartphone without any limitations.

  • Send photos and videos instantly.
  • Know when messages are delivered and read.
  • Call across the world for free.
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iPhone (iOS) version of TalkOne offer more than just a usual mobile phone while not overloading your iPhone with unnecessary features.

  • Share videos, photos, and links.
  • Send messages to any contacts.
  • Make calls worldwide.
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With TalkOne, you get instant access to your customers over the world. TalkOne allows you to always sound your best, with a professional greeting, better manage incoming calls with multiple phone extensions for employees or departments, and simplify the ways callers reach you with live call forwarding and call transfers.

  • Now all businesses, home-based and mobile professionals can have “BIG COMPANY
  • Customizable for unlimited number of employees who work with any cellphones
  • Requires no additional equipment
About our services

TalkOne is
a Reliable Mobile Phone Line

TalkOne Mobile can reduce your international roaming costs by 100% and it allows you to stay connected at the lowest cost wherever you traveling.

Call and Text your friends and family for free. TalkOne uses Wi-Fi or your phone's Internet connection to call and send messages so you can avoid ROAMING fees.

Annually prepaid plan requires only one year of commitment and receives 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*.


The Only Way You'll Need to Power Your Business

You know your business. We Know Your Needs!

TalkOne Mobile introduces a new way of managing your customer and getting better results for your business.

TalkOne Mobile is a powerful service that gathers all important data on your company's commercial success on one shot, including the features that are not offered by other mobile phone service provider that are popular.

TalkOne was created to help entrepreneurs all over the world in managing their businesses on the go and maintain the constant connection with their customers and employees while also offering thousands of great features.

Pricing plans

We offer three different plans that cover the needs of personal, modern startups and businesses. They are provided payments via Canadian or US currency for your convenience.

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you talk on TalkOne Mobile for 24 hours straight, you'll use less data than you would to stream a single video on YouTube. It's unlikely that TalkOne Mobile will increase your internet bill.

Yes. However you'll have to purchase an international credit. Your international credit never expires as long as your account is active and you can also setup your account so that your international credit automatically tops up when you've used it.

The TalkOne gives you free international roaming in worldwide and greatly saved call costs and SMS roaming charges. With coverage in almost ALL countries, you can be contactable almost anywhere. The TalkOne Mobile can reduce your international roaming charges by 100%, enabling you to stay connected for less wherever you are travelling.

Time to Open New Horizons

It’s time to increase your profit and achieve better results for your business! We designed TalkOne as a unique service, which can be used in both business and everyday life spheres to help our users manage the daily tasks’ performance.

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Enjoy the world of free communications without any limits!

Smart & Effective Solution for Everyone